Magically animated scarecrow that has ruled Oz since the shattering.


The Scarecrow rarely talks about his past.

He does acknowledge that he new the old Wizard of Oz, that he has been holding on to the throne of Oz since his disappearance in 1315, and that he has traveled most of the lands of Oz.

He has been called the Undying King, The Usurper, and Wise Scarecrow at various times during his reign. He prefers to be called Scarecrow.

He is known to be a powerful spell caster, though the nature of his training is mysterious. Common speculation is that he was created by The Wizard, either to rule in his absence, or as a host for his soul in the event that he should be assassinated.

He has demonstrated a desire to have companionship of similar beings, having created many scarecrows over the centuries. Most are simple creations, doing what they are told with endless energy and mindless repetitiveness until told to do something else. Some, though, are potentially his equals in intelligence and abilities. The most famous of these is his mistress, Patches.


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