Timeline of the History of Oz

Significant Events

The beginning of recorded history.

The Great and Powerful Oz began the rein of the lands true ruling family, who for generations would rule the people of Oz with kindness and wisdom.

Magic is born.

The first recorded practitioners of magic were a set of quadruplets born to the Ozian royal bloodline. They were each given reign over a fourth of the land and used their innate ability to use magic to gift each of the lands of Oz with unique landscapes and peoples.

The First Ozian War.

Armies the likes of which the world had never seen clashed in an attempt to shift the borders of the countries of Oz as laid out by The Great and Powerful Oz. It finally came to an end when Lord Ozwald the First built the Emerald City and ordered the ruling bloodlines of all four lands of Oz to swear allegiance to him, as The First Emperor of Oz. The borders were essentially unchanged, but the first seeds of distrust between them had been sewn.

War returns to Oz.

The Second Ozian War was fought over the ascencion of Ozma, the first Empress of Oz. The leader of Gilikin was of the opinion that since his son had married the young woman, that the gilikinese bloodline should rise to ruling the entirety of the Lands of Oz. When the Emperor passed his title to his daughter instead of her husband, the angry leader ordered his son to kill his new bride and open the gates of the Emerald City to his armies. When the son refused, the father laid siege to the city, winning two of the remaining three Lands to his cause. The siege was ended only with the intervention of the armies of the Quadlings.

The disappearance of Ozma IV, The Child Empress.

In the Spring of 2400, with Oz still reeling from the unexpected loss in late 2397 of most of the Royal Family in an earthquake that damaged a large portion of the Emerald City and razed the Palace, Ozma IV disappeared without a trace. No amount of magic seemed able to locate her or her remains. The land was without a leader, and many factions claimed the right to take Ozma’s place. It seemed that peace in Oz was coming to an end.

The Rise of The Wizard.

In the spring of 2401, a powerful wizard began a military campaign to claim the Throne of Oz. The Wizard brazenly opposed all other combatants to the point of refusing aid from other warlords who supported his right to the Throne.

The Night of Comets, Year of the Stranger.

Terrible fire rained from the sky. The Land of Oz was torn asunder, breaking into four continents and countless smaller land masses, not least of which is the island in the center of all the others that has the Emerald City on it.

It is said that during the night, a stranger appeared in Oz. A young girl, who though seeming to be of Gilikinese lineage, was utterly alien with terrible powers not understood by anyone she encountered.

For most of the next year, stories were told of the comings and goings of her and her companions. The accounts of her traveling companions varied except in one detail, there was always a scarecrow.

After many months of stories, the tales began to become more scarce, often including dazzling and varied descriptions of how The Stranger had finally left the world in peace.

The Rise of Scarecrow.

When it was discovered that The Wizard had disappeared, a new ruler was needed to take the reins of Oz. The Scarecrow offered to step into a position, “not of rulership, but of guardianship,” vowing that he would lead to the best of his ability until Ozma was located.

She wasn’t.

Current Time.

For nearly two and a half centuries The Scarecrow has ruled, mostly with the approval of the inhabitants of Oz, still saying that when Ozma is found that he’ll abdicate in her favor. Many nay-sayers have pointed out that even though the royal bloodline is long-lived, there is no way that Ozma is still alive and that The Scarcrow should step aside for a new ruler.

In the last decade, tensions have been increasing again between the countries of Oz. The Scarecrow has been increasing the size of the Ozian military to deal with uprisings, and has secretly began recruiting exceptional members of the military for his Gale Force, a secret organization who’s members are declared as casualties and can act without normal military restrictions.

Timeline of the History of Oz

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