_The Night of Comets was when the Shattering began, the continent literally broken to reflect the chaos caused by the arrival of The Outsider. Those who saw her said she looked like any other Gillikinese girl, but her presence was said to be unsettling for practitioners of magic. No one who knows precisely what she did during her stay in Oz will speak of it, and the speculations of the masses range from her very existence being a myth to an absolute belief that she spoke a word that consumed The Wizard in a column of fire and cracked the world with a flick of her wrist.

All that’s known for sure is that on the night that the sky rained more comets than could be counted a stranger to Oz arrived, and after she was gone The Wizard had also disappeared, the land began to settle, and order began to take root again.

While the nations of Oz were protected by powerful protective spells, the spells were not perfect nor did they overlap. Where they were weaker, and at the borders of the nations, the very earth was torn asunder. Where once you could walk between the lands of Oz, now great crevasses separated them._

Shattered Oz

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